The master’s program is divided into two terms. The first term focuses on providing essential analytical and macroeconomic tools, as well as an overview of the historical development and legal evolution of the EU and the EMU. In the second term, courses concentrate on the internal market of the EU and related key regulatory issues, such as the regulation of banking and capital markets, corporate governance, consumer protection, energy, and the environment

Term 1
Core Courses (30 hrs.-5 ECTS each)

  • Banking and Financial Regulation
  • European Economic Integration
  • European Policies and Policy Institutions
  • Internal Market and Competition
  • Cohesion and Structural Funds: Facts, Conceptual Frameworks, Perspective (NB: 20 hrs.-4 ECTC)
  • Math Lab with Stata (NB: 20 hrs.-4 ECTC)

Term 2
A selection of 11 courses from the following possible set (10 hrs.-2 ECTC each):

  • Agreements and Abuse of Dominance (Case Studies)
  • The Architecture of the International Monetary System
  • Banking Resolution
  • Banking Supervision
  • Basel III – The CRD4 Package
  • Comparative Corporate Governance
  • Consumer Protection and Data Protection
  • The Digital Single Market
  • The ECB, The European Payment System and Target2
  • The Economics of Monetary Union
  • Energy and Environment
  • The European Investment Bank: Goals, Tools, Investment Evaluation
  • The History of Economic and Monetary Integration in Europe
  • Intellectual Property, Competition and Innovation
  • Models of Policy Coordination: The ESM
  • Non-Banking Financial Services (CMU): Equity Bonds and Securitized Instruments
  • The Stability & Growth Pact and the Excessive Deficit & Debt Procedure
  • State Aid
  • Trade Policy and Customs Union


Suggested tracks

Students may decide to opt for one of the following tracks characterized by the 11 selected courses among the electives and the topic of the final dissertation.


Market & Regulation

Banking & Financial Markets

Terms 1-2
Participants of the following seminars will earn 3 ECTS

  • SEP Lunch Seminars
  • The Challenges for Europe. Dialogues with Jean-Paul Fitoussi